AISThack 2018

Hackathon on Blockchain data, Social Media and Text Analysis

5-7 July, B. Semenovskaya, 38

Russia, Moscow - Moscow Polytechnic University

Change the world of blockchain

Have you ever thought that you can change our understanding of the world of economy? Understand how people take decisions, and why they live the way they do it? See how it combines psychology, phylosophy and information flows?

Blockchain gives us a chance. In the open world, we are here to analyze pricing, onchain data, news flows combined, based on an introduction to mass psychology from international cryptoassets analysis startup.

You will be supported by an introduction from international blockchain startup, and lectures from Sberbank, HSE,, as well as a colocated scientific Data Science conference. With professional facilitation, you will be able to create your dream team to start changing the world.

Three days of challenge. Three days of insights. You in the center.

Register to be here on 5-7 July, 2018.

Nominations and Datasets

You will have datasets including prepared historical data on:
- Pricing and volumes over 2 months
- Onchain transactions, raw and aggregates
- News and discussions (twitter, chats, reddit) - around 3 mln messages

Several times during the hackathon, we will publish more data for your consideration.

After 48 hours, coffee and snacks, your solutions will be expected to answer (one of the) following questions:

- How pricing/volumes react to discussions in chats, telegram, social media - sentiment, volumes, etc. Seek for correlation.
- Wallets that start the market rise/fall - do they exist and how to find them
- How trends spread over the news sources, wallets and prices.
- Classification / map of chats. How people behave - experts, newbies, etc. What content is being published. How channels evolve over time.
- Story of a coin. Automatically aggregated story of coin, including pricing, events, sentiment, etc.

There will also be several special (smaller) prizes for best visualization, best data cleanup, or other useful results not falling directly under the nominations.


  • June 20, 16:30 PM Moscow time - Webinar - motivation, tasks and insights from Maksim Balashevich, CEO of Santiment and the Hackathon team - record here:

  • June, 30 - data preview: here

  • July, 4, 16:00 pm - tasks and datasets overview at Moscow Polytech + online translation + recording

  • July 5, 11:00 - tasks setting, nominations and ranking criteria - onsite

  • July 5, 12:00 - team creation (open microphone)

  • July 5, 14:00 - datasets publication and start or work

  • July 5, 17:00 first checkpoint (commit to github, short interview with TechCommitee

  • July 6, 11:00 second checkpoint (commit to github, short interview with TechCommitee

  • July 6, 17:00 third checkpoint (commit to github, short interview with TechCommitee

  • July 7, 11:00 fourth checkpoint (commit to github, short interview with TechCommitee

  • July 7, 13:00 final code submission

  • July 7, 15:00 solutions presentation, jury checks and scores solutions

  • July 7, around 16:30 - celebrating winners, prizes and final words

Speakers and mentors

Winners and prizes

The monetary prizes in Russian Roubles will be distributed across 3 or 4 nominations. Average amount for hackathons of our size. One best team/solution will be rewarded in each nomination.

Best teams may be supported, organizationally and financially, to further develop their solution.


We are always at @aisthack channel in Telegram, please join to be informed on everything and ask for anything you are interested in.

All tactical information will be published there and sent to registred participants by email - please register early.


Free registration here:

  • Participation in Hackathon program

  • Access to AIST Conference lectures on Hackathon topics

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“We’re building a platform and developing a community around new types of data sources and ways of reading the market that haven’t existed before.” Maksim Balashevich, Founder & CEO of Santiment


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